06 April 2009

Why didn't Hamas Stinger Missiles work?

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Hamas successfully smuggled anti-aircraft Stinger missiles into Gaza, they were given the order by Hamas commanders to shoot down IDF Apache helicopters during the past IDF "Cast Lead" offensive.

Yet when they targeted the helicopters, said "Alla hu Akbar" and pulled the trigger, the Stinger just beeped and flashed an error message...

Any guesses as to why the Stinger missiles didn't work?

Maybe because the Stinger Anti-Aircraft missile is set not to work with DVD Zone-1 -- it is not "multi-zone" compatible. The unlock key is on the internet, but luckily, the Hamas hackers havent found it yet.

(probably on www.sTIngerZ-cRacKz.com)

Or...The Stinger might let you switch back and forth 5 times, but then locks up.

Or, it could have been a 110 voltage/NTSC compatibility issue.

Let me know why you think that goat loving Hamas terrorists didn't manage to figure out how to fire their Singer Missiles.

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Anonymous said...

When these things were first built, there was a fear (well-founded it seems) that these might fall into the wrong hands and be used against us and our allies. So added to and / or built into our (and allied) aircraft is an IFF (Identify Friend / Foe) transponder. This sends out an RF signal that's picked up by the Stinger. Think of something similar to the low-power RFID used in today's Wal-Mart to track purchases. If the IFF sez "Friendly", the Stinger won't (shouldn't) fire. If it doesn't say "Friendly", it's automatically presumed to be "Foe", and will fire. And doen't try to bypass or reprogram the IFF circuit. Mess with it & it won't even fire (sweet).

B Woodman
SSG (Ret) U S Army
Signal Corps
"You can talk about us but you can't talk without us."

Timmeehh said...

You're both wrong. The reason the missiles don't work is because Hamas smuggled them into Gaza by hiding them up their assholes, where the gerbils chewed through the wiring in the fire control system.


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