16 April 2009

Passover the festival of Freedom

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

During the intermediary days of the week long Passover festival it is traditional to celebrate by expressing thanks through special prayers and acts that show our appreciation for our freedom.

What better way to celebrate freedom then to take the extended family and friends on a tour of the Holy Land...

Lots of History..

...and IDF Servicemen and IDF Women

and civilians with guns all around

At the Kotel Western Wall

then for a day at the range

Young and old, a great time was had by all!



PA State Cop said...

I understand you keep the weapon clear i.e. mag out or chamber empty per your regs. What about revolvers? Do you carry empty charge hole under the hammer or how?

DoubleTapper said...

PA State Cop- There are very few revolvers in use in Israel. Those that do carry revolvers, carry with all cylinders loaded.

What do you carry?

red said...

What a great way to spend those days!

Anonymous said...

Good way to do some target practice.


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