13 July 2009

T-shirt funnies

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Hat tip Theo Spark

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Scott said...

Whose the village idiot?
You have something against...black people, because they don't suck up to...you?
Who made you special?
My response could be more racist, but then I'd be...just like you.

Cinda said...

C'mon Scott, did the T-shirt referring to Al Gore being a liar look supportive to you? Or do you know something the rest of don't know...like maybe Al Gore is really a black man with an affliction like Michael Jackson. The missing village idiot refers to Obama because he is an idiot, no matter which of his parents color he chooses to identify with.

Byron said...

Wow Scott, way to pull out the racecard. Hmmm, that seems to happen a good deal nowadays. The t-shirt has nothing to do with his race. It bothers me that we can even see the birth records for the president. Which if your not a NATURAL born US citzen you CANNOT be president. I think this was aht the shirt was hitting on. Oh and also the fact that obama is a talking puppet and is in fact a idiot.


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