26 January 2011

Israel's Cold War Ending?

Cold Hot War: Miss Universe contestants Miss Egypt Fawzeya Mohamed and Miss Israel Anastasya Yentin ().

There are some significant riots currently in Israel's neighbor Egypt. These riots are a spillover from Tunisia's recent riots and ousting of their evit dictator. Tunisia's success has gotten Arabs worldwide thinking, hey, why not us?". Well, riots are going strong in Egypt, and
while Tunisia has been a unprecedented success, there is less hope for a similar outcome in Egypt. As an aside, why aren't the Arabs rioting in Israel? Shouldn't they take this unique opportunity to revolt against the evil, warmongering, apartheid, baby-killing, illegal Zionist Entity? Well, it turns out that the Arabs in Israel (non-citizen Palestinians included) have an amazing amount of rights, equality, and freedoms unparalleled elsewhere in the entire Middle east. For example, did you know that Arab Israelis are legally permitted to carry concealed weapons? Even non-citizen Arabs have equal rights in healthcare, job opportunities, and real-estate ownership, and yet those same 'palestinians' are discriminated against in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt... any country in the Middle East and North Africa, for that matter.

The non-partisan Freedom House 2011 survey of the population in the Middle East (entire world was surveyed, graphic above from the ME category only). (click to enlarge)

of the ME population is free, and 100% of that free population lives in Israel. All of them. Every freedom-loving, Levi-wearing, lipstick-toting, woman-driving, beer-drinking, movie-watching, gay-feeling, hand-holding, gun-toting, free-loving, back-talking Arab in the entire Middle East lives in Israel.

There'll be no indigenous riots in Israel. I guarantee it.

(As an aside, in the very near future, I'm afraid we'll have to change Lebanon in the above graphic from partly-free yellow to not-free purple.)

Now back to Egypt...

Egypt has been on the verge of a hot war with Israel for the past 30 years, ever since we gave away the Sinai Desert (which was won after Egypt's failed attempt at annihilating every single Israeli from Eilat to Haifa was averted). The Sinai Desert is twice the size of Israel's current borders (I'm not bitter, I'm just sayin'...)

Well, it appears that these 30 years of 'peace' (in which Egypt has openly aided Hamas, Hezbollah, and many other terrorist groups rain fire on Israeli civilians, and kill many in cold blood), may be ending, and Mubarak (the current dictator), is on the way out. Not only that, but what makes this a DT-worthy post, is that rumors have it (no, I'm not Mossad, but I drink with a few of the agents...) that Mubarak's son (and heir-apparent), as well as his family, have fled the country, and are currently in London (at The Ritz London, 150 Piccadilly, Suite #1402). Things could possibly turn out well in that the next Egyptian dictator may be more centrist, and less hating of Israel, but as in golf, hope doesn't change the flight of the ball (huh?). Usually, in cases like this, the strongest prevails, and currently, the strongest arm in Egypt is the fanatic (and ugly) Muslim Brotherhood. Man, what Israel doesn't need is another war front.

(Hat tip: Jameel @ The Muqata, and Elder of Ziyon)

(Post written by: Yishai @ Digital Irony)

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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1 comment:

boosra said...

"non-partizan" Freedom House...ROFL

While there is no doubt that freedom is thin on the ground in Islamic countries, you gotta love the way Americans quote hugely prejudiced American sources masquerading as "non-partizan" or objective.

The American definition of freedom is the freedom to die in poverty while others get rich selling off your nations resources.


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