27 January 2011

Tavor Rifles in India

India's navy marine commandos started using Israeli-made Tavor TAR-21 assault rifles and Galil sniper rifles this month after receiving the $4 million consignment in December.

Technicians from the manufacturer, Israel Military Industries, and the Indian Defense Ministry have been assembling and inspecting the rifles, readying them for induction, a spokesman for the navy's Marine Commandos, MARCOS, said.

India's Defense Ministry placed the order for the 500 TAR-21 rifles and 30 Galil rifles in 2008 with an eye to making them standard issue weapons for navy marine commandos. They've been using Indian-made Insas rifles and Russian Kalashnikov variants.

The Indian air force and army commandos already use the Galil sniper rifle and the TAR-21 -- often called the Tavor, short for Tavor Assault Rifle-21st century.  The Tavor is a bullpup assault rifle that uses 5.56mm NATO ammunition. The Tavor has a selective fire system -- semi-automatic mode, burst mode and full automatic fire.

In Israel, the Tavor has been used by Givati Brigade and Golani Brigade for several years and Nahal Brigade adopted it last year. IMI's Micro Tavor was recently chosen as the future assault rifle for the Israeli military.

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