01 February 2009

Anti-Israel Riot in London

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Cops running away, Arabs chasing them, in London, in broad daylight.

Someone in the crowd is screaming "run you cowards" "run you poofs" at the cops.

This is really pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Yes,it's pathetic, but what is worse that Israel can npt finish a war when it's winning only to quit and have them start shooting missiles as soon as you leave, not to mention they left without bringing back Shalit. Shame on them for both.

Stephen said...

Of course, I would guess that it is rather difficult to resist terrorists with sticks.

9mm between the eyes is the ony language they understand.

Anonymous said...

Do the cops in London even have guns?

Unknown said...

Annoymous if I was PM then the cops would have guns, but they don't need guns. They have hundreds of very fine, well trained horses.

These riots are a disgrace and as Brit I am disgusted not only by the handled of these hate-filled protests, but by the weakness of the police and the tolerance of political leaders.

Just as Hamas should be glad I do not occupy Ehud's chair, so those vile cretins should be pleased I am not PM.

Anonymous said...

what colorful vocabulary they have.

what the hell is a "poof?"

this is sick, england.


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