05 February 2009

Defiance Movie Reviews from viewers

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Defiance Poster

Zwick underplays the havoc the Bielskis caused to Germans, Bellarussian and Polish enemies.

Zus had 67 documente
d personal kills which are broken down in The Bielski Brothers by Peter Duffy.
Overall the Ostriad (Bielski Brigade) had almost 400 kills.

Zus's defiance was brutal without remorse as his mother, father, two brothers, wife and daughter were murdered. It never dawned on him if his response was disproportionate.

Now if he, or Tuvia, were in charge, they would have cemented political alliances and not let their charges be fired upon without extracting total surrender. They will only understand the stick.

-I am Bielski

Great movie It was comforting to see Jews fighting back nazis soldiers,killing them in droves Should our ancestors have behaved like Bielski fighting brigade, genocide would have NEVER ocurred .

If you've seen the movie, post your review here in the comments.


Stephen said...

All in all it was a great movie. The actors were wonderful. I appreciated the heavy emphasis on weapons and fighting. I also appreciated the "kinsman avenger" aspect brought out in the film.
Before I had read the book, I did not know anything about the Jewish resistance. The movie was a very accurate portrayal of this.

The soundtrack was awesome, Joshua Bell is amazing.

Six stars out of five.

ludwig said...

i saw it recently, i cried, a lot, why? because it was a movie about true life, a leader bearing the doubts of his responsability, the strength of community, the fear, passions, hate and love, and, in the end, the survival, thanks to the faith of one people, a great and loud song of.......hope.

Unknown said...

No doubt it is a wonder full Movie. The actors are very much good. It is totally based on a true story which is based on world war 2. I like this movie very much. I watched this movie. movie byDownload Defiance Movie. you can also take enjoy of this movie.


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