07 March 2009

Civilians and Police Shoot and Kill Another Bulldozer Terrorist

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

The Bulldozer terrorist plowed into a police car and rammed into a bus, before he was shot by police and a taxi driver at the scene. He later died of his wounds.

The incident took place a little after 1 P.M. Thursday near the popular Malkha shopping mall, on Menachem Begin Boulevard, in southern Jerusalem.

Police are saying that an open copy of the Koran was found in the bulldozer after the attack.

Witnesses described a harrowing site of the Bulldozer speeding along the highway, dragging the police car and sending it flying into the air.

The civilian who shot the terrorist, Dor a Taxi Driver, told Israel Radio that, “I saw the police car fly into the air. He [the Terrorist] flipped it over twice, then continued dragging it toward a bus that was stuck in traffic,” he said. He told the radio he fired four shots at the Terrorist, wounding him. “Then a policeman came with his M-16 and finished him off finally,” he said.

Another Civilian seen shooting the Terrorist is a Rabbi at Horev Yeshiva.

Live Video of the Attack
(watch until the end as the video repeats with more detail)

News Report Translated to English

Elad Ben-Nun, a Volunteer Auxiliary Policeman who shot the terrorist stated, “We got out of the squad car and moved towards the terrorist. We were about six yards away when I fired at the driver through the window.

The driver keeled over to the left and we hurried to the other side of the tractor. I saw him try to get up. I fired several more rounds until he wasn’t moving anymore.”

Daniel Housliech, the Police Officer riding in the car with Ben-Nun told the press, “We arrived at the scene by way of Golomb Street. We could see the tractor to our left. It was hammering the police car with its shovel and then it tried to flip it over.

“We pulled over and ran to the scene. This was clearly a terror attack and not the scene of an accident. I pulled my gun… and since I am somewhat of a marksman, I hit him immediately.

Aftermath of the Terror Attack

The morons at BBC try to justify the Terror Attack

Now if Jameel will just tell us the answer to the question...

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Anonymous said...

Who's the religious guy that shot the terrorist? You can see his tzizzit in the picture.

Rod Freeman said...

Great resource - thanks for the video. That's the way to deal with this sort of scum - good shooting.


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