10 March 2009

Star of David Kafiya for Jews and Supporters of Israel

 تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس kafiya kaffiya kaffia keffiyah keffiyeh

Hijacking the Arab Symbol of Nationality / Solidarity

Introducing the Star of David Kafiya

for Jews and Supporters of Israel

Available at your local quickie mart or here.
Made of tiny interlocking stars of David, in Israeli Blue

Other styles available here



Anonymous said...

So how does one here in the States buy one of these? I'm not Jewish but I'd love to have one.

Elder of Ziyon said...

The creator is a commenter on my blog; you can buy the product here:

Rory Cohen said...

Any idea where I can get one in the United States?

DoubleTapper said...

The only place I know of to get them
is online.

Anonymous said...

I want one!

سرحان المنسي said...

hhhhhhhh thats sooooooooooo funny! arabs KUFIYA is a symbol a manhood & bravery & strength.. but the israeli "kafia" was made for girls..! pathetics!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shat- arabs Kafiya is a symbol of impotence and incompetence. yessir arafat always wore a kafiya and he died from Aids that he got from homosexual relations.

Yunus bin Ermag you should know better.

Anonymous said...

shatyraty, it's not MADE for girls. It's also not "a symbol of manhood" as you said. I have lived in Jordan for a good chunk of my life, and they are worn by men, women, children. It's a common enough headdress, something to keep the sun off, as it were. As far as colors, that usually denotes which part of the mideast you call home.

Anon, it's not a symbol of incompatance, either. One of the wisest and most competant men I have ever met wore one. Abu Klide (father of clay, VERY poor transliteration, btw), a mason, and the finest tea maker I have EVER known. Ma'asa'lama!

Anonymous said...

Whoever thought of this should get rich from it and should also get a medal of some sort for surly he or she has pissed off a lot of Muslims. This is great!


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