14 March 2009

Israeli Defense Weapons Manufacturer Video

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس You Don't Mess with the Zohan Dvir
One of Israel's largest arms / weapons exporters, Rafael, came up with this video for the Indian market.

I know a little bit about the weapons manufacturing market and I'm not sure that having a Zohan wannabe dancing and singing with a harem of sari clad Indian looking women is how I would instill confidence and increase name recognition.

On the other hand... I'm just a blogger, what do I know?

(If you can't see the video click here)

Dinga Dinga Dee!

Whatever that means??

Hat tip Aussie Dave


John R said...

Now that was too cool.

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mom bro... seriously?
Damn! that's nearly 4 minutes of my life that I will never get back!

Love your work... don't go changing.

guntraders said...

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