19 May 2009

Obama uh lays down the uh law

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

President Obama met with Prime Minister Netanyahu in their first meeting today.

Obama spoke of the "uh extraordinary relationship" between our two uh countries - the "stalwart" uh alliance, the "historical" and "uh emotional" ties between Israel and uh the US. Then he belittled Netanyahu, dictated his demands including US controll over building of new homes in Israel, and brought up the issue of a Palestinian state, completely ignoring history and the fact that Jordan is already a Palestinian State.

"I have great confidence in Prime Minister Netanyahu's political skills, but also [in] his historic vision," said Obama, patronizingly. And then, moving into full-blown teacher-to-pupil mode, he added: "I have great confidence that he is going to rise to the occasion."

"If there is a linkage between Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process," Obama mused, "I personally believe it actually runs the other way. To the extent that we can make peace with the Palestinians - between the Palestinians and the Israelis - then I actually think it strengthens our hand in the international community in dealing with the potential Iranian threat."

He elaborated, "Imagine how much less mischief Hizbullah or Hamas could do if, in fact, we had moved a Palestinian-Israeli track in a direction that gave the Palestinian people hope. And if Hizbullah and Hamas [are] weakened, imagine how that impacts Iran's ability to make mischief and vice versa."

What? Like that makes any sense??? Comon Obama, read the teleprompter!

Watch Obama try and fix all the problems in Middle East in short one meeting.

Here's an alternative!

More here.

By the way, Iran's missile arsenal already has the range to reach New York and London.



Anonymous said...

trust obama, he knows that talkings and negoatiations are better than war.

DoubleTapper said...

You need to punctuate better. I had to read your comment twice to find the sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

why, it's not. I was serious. just look at dangerous war leaders like bush and sharon... their way didn't bring peace, did it? Obama is much smarter and human president; he talks to countries like iran, cuba and syria and is not afraid to pressure israel on some issues. That's can't be bad. But i guess you still don't get it...

Anonymous said...

wasn't sarcasm. but you don't get it, that's all


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