08 May 2009

Obama's Plan to Destroy Israel

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

The Obama Administration has broken down its plan to destroy Israel into two subsections, Israel itself, and American Jews. Obama's people have studied the problem and understand where Carter went wrong. Obama does not want to have the same image problems as Carter in the Jewish community.

In the US:
1.) Co-opt existing Jewish organizations and swing them to the left using old school 70's leftists.

2.) Create new "progressive" organizations to appeal to a younger generation of ethnically Jewish youth detached from any actual identity. Have these organizations generate attacks on the Israeli government and pro-Israel Jews, while creating phony polls indicating that most American Jews are behind them and Obama.

3.) Silence and intimidate remaining Jewish organizations and leaders behind the scenes.


In Israel:

1.) Financial - bring down the Netanyahu government coalition by destabilizing Israel economically. The Obama Administration has a wide variety of tactics at its disposal for doing so, from the overt, such as targeting Israeli exports and imports, to the covert, that would involve targeting the Shekel and targeting fundraising in the US so Jewish groups could be prevented from raising money in the US. All of these have been in play before at one time or another.

2.) On the military side, Obama's people will make their non-existent efforts to stop Iran's nukes conditional on more concessions to terrorists. Israel has already been locked out of the military technology pipeline for anything cutting edge which will leave the Israeli military dangerously vulnerable in the case of a war. This is an effective chokehold that has been used before to prevent Israel from attacking Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, as well as preventing Israel from carrying out a preemptive strike against its enemies before the Yom Kippur War.

Don't read the full article unless you are willing to have your day ruined.

Saudi America here we are!

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Reg T said...

I am a conservative gentile in the western US. Where should I be donating money to best help Israel? I have been donating small amounts (on a small fixed income) to AIPAC and AFMDA. Recently discovered AFMDA has been withholding large amounts of donated money from MDA, so I'm trying to donate directly now.

Where can I get the most "bang" for my buck, DT?

regt_2000 at yahoo dot com


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