22 June 2009

Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

It's June and schools are hosting graduation ceremonies. Each school has its own ceremony and invites friends and family to celebrate with the entire community.

During a kindergarten graduation ceremony in the Gaza strip, children dressed in uniform and carried weapons.
Shooting at IDF soldiers

PA Militants killing each other

IDF soldiers (with Israeli mini-flags on their uniforms) killing Palestinian children

The children perform a “victory” dance around corpses of IDF soldiers lying on the ground (center), with Israeli mini-flags on their uniforms. The children carry flags of Palestine and a model of the Dome of the Rock on their shoulders.

The parents of the graduating class must be so proud.

The pictures are from here.

Hat tip IsraelMatzav

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Thirdpower said...

Religion of peace.

uh huh. Sure.

DoubleTapper said...

I think it's "religion of Piece!"


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