07 June 2009

Israel's Counter Terror Units and Training

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس
There are several Anti or Counter Terror units operating in Israel.

Some are part of the IDF (active and reserve) others are under the command of the Israeli Police (auxiliary and regular).

The primary goals of Israeli counterterrorism strategy are to prevent terrorists from influencing the national agenda, save Israeli lives, and preserve the psychological resilience of the civilian population.

Israel has learned over the years that terrorism is a stubborn phenomenon and that, in contrast to conventional warfare, decisive victory over terrorism is rare. When countermeasures block one avenue of attack, terrorists often improvise some new means of inflicting damage. After a series of aircraft hijackings in the 1960s forced Israel to improve aviation security, terrorists began to target Israeli embassies overseas. When security at embassies was strengthened, terrorists responded by attacking markets, buses, and pedestrians in Israeli cities. Accordingly, counterterrorism strategies must continually adapt to,and preferably anticipate,changing terrorist tactics.

Israeli counterterrorism strategy comprises five main elements:

1. Intelligence collection and analysis
2. Military and paramilitary operations to disrupt terrorist infrastructure
3. Commercial aviation security
4. Defense against chemical and biological attacks
5. Efforts to strengthen the psychological endurance of the civilian population

Israeli counterterrorism operations are designed to disrupt the “terrorist infrastructure” by attacking bomb factories and safe houses, gathering intelligence, and arresting or killing key terrorist leaders and bombmakers. Several organizations and units are involved in such operations.

A major focus of Israeli counterterrorism operations is to prevent terrorists from staging attacks. Because suicide bombers do not fit a standard profile, they are difficult to identify and intercept in advance. Accordingly, Israel has sought to prevent suicide operations by disrupting them at the organizational, training, and planning stages, before the shahid (“martyr”) is on his way to the target. IDF operations to eliminate the “terrorist infrastructure” are directed against the activists who recruit and train the suicide bombers, manufacture the explosive belts, gather operational intelligence, drive the wanna be myrter to the target, and otherwise provide logistical and moral support. Because terror organizations continually recruit new operatives and require a large network of supporters, aggressive counterterrorism campaigns can weaken the morale of the terrorists, hamper enlistment efforts, and deter collaborators. Military operations against terrorism also reassure the Israeli public that the initiative in the war against terror is on the side of the Israeli people.

Another Israeli tactic involves the assassination of terrorist leaders and bombmakers by undercover units of the IDF and other Israeli Security organizations. In addition to interdicting imminent attacks, targeted killings undermine the terrorist groups’ stability and morale, increase tensions and rivalries among would-be successors, and force the terrorists to devote resources to hiding and protecting their leaders. Targeted assassination also puts terrorist kingpins under severe psychological stress and lowers the overall efficacy of the terror groups by discouraging underlings from seeking promotion.

The IDF has also created a system for Community Counter Terror teams to act as the first line of defense for seam line communities. Because Israel is only about 290 miles (470 km.) in length and 85 miles (135 km.) in width at its widest point, there are many of these seam line communities. The ATU's (Community Anti Terror Units) operate as IDF reservists that are on call 24/7.

More on ATU's here and here.

Here are some videos of a few of Israel's Counter Terror Units.

IDF Counter Terror Training

IDF Reserve Counter Terror Unit based in Eilat

Israeli Police SWAT Team Video

Israel Border Police Counter Terror Unit Metilan

IDF Counter Terror School

Expose on the overly aggressive Training of Counter Terror Units

Israeli Counter Terror Weapons

More on Israeli Counter Terror Weapons here

All Israeli Counter Terror Units utilize Paintball as a way to reinforce their training.

This facility is run by IDF Reserve Counter Terror Instructors and is open to the public. You can make reservations at their website for your next visit to Israel.

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Anonymous said...

wow, interesting! Can you tell something more about so-called paramilitary operations to disrupt terrorist infrastructure?

DoubleTapper said...

Basically there are operations that attack terrorist bomb factories and safe houses you usually hear about these IDF strikes on the news.

In addition there are covert operations that disrupt communications, plant disinformation, cause "accidents" and basically upset the way terrorists operate so that they are constantly in a state of turmoil.

red said...

Very cool.

Is the media kept in the dark about operations until they are completed?

It seems like a fair amount of our important strategies were announced on TV before they happened during the first years in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your answer. I must say i was quite surprised to hear it. I mean, paramilitary has always been playing a big role in some neighbour countries, like Syria, Iraq and Iran, but I didn't really expect to hear about paramilitary operations in connection with israeli army. Are there any paramilitary units inside IDF?

DoubleTapper said...

Anon- Paramilitary in Israel refers to non IDF Units that have military training, organization and function.

Internal Security, Border Protection and Law Enforcement organizations that are not considered part of the IDF but are similar in training, equipment and/or organization.


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