02 June 2009

Why IDF Servicemen love IDF Women

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Many IDF Combat units are completely segregated. Men only. Here are some thoughts on that subject from another IDF Blogger, Israeli Soldier.

"Control to Patrol, what is your exact location?"
"Control to Patrol, copy that. Be advised, three vehicles are moving towards your position, on your route. Do you copy?"
"Control to Patrol, roger and out"

You might find this conversation familiar. You've probably seen and heard something similar on an action movie. But for an Israeli soldier this voice has a much greater meaning. It will be impossible to know this from the transcript of the conversation, but that "Control" is all the feminine company a soldier has on the weeks he spends in the base. Yes, that "Control" is almost always a girl sitting somewhere around you, and watching you from above.

You have to understand that in a field unit we spend all of our time with the company. Boys. Only boys. Dozens of them. The brotherhood is unbelievable and worth appreciating, but sometimes that soft girly voice on the radio-comm is the thing that allows you to... Continue reading at IsraeliSoldier

Hat tip IsraeliSoldier

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Anonymous said...

It isn't just IDF men that love IDF women, just about every man in the world loves them! I swear, in all the Google searches I've done for "IDF women" (which is quite a lot lol), I've never seen a single one that was anything less than gorgeous. Please, you've gotta tell us Americans what your secret is! I want my own Ziva David! :(


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