01 September 2009

IDF Weapon X-Hawk

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

A Blogger friend of mine attended a special presentation and demonstration of the IDF Medical Corps.

He is on a Community Counter Terror Team (IDF Reserve) and a volunteer paramedic with Magen David Adom and United Hatzala so he is well suited for this presentation.

They previewed an unmanned medical evacuation (medivac) transporter for wounded soldiers.

This transporter is already past the planning stages, and is being developed by an Israeli-based company in Yavneh, "Urban Aeronautics." Dubbed, the "X-Hawk", this unmanned, next generation emergency transport vehicle will be able to arrive at a battle scene to evacuate wounded soldiers -- while being remotely piloted from a safer zone, away from the battlefield.

Foxnews reported on the X-hawk a year and a half ago, and the IDF insists that the prototypes are not far away (as close enough as 2010)

Like a similarly sized helicopter, X-Hawk will be able to take off vertically, fly up to 155 miles an hour and as high as 12,000 feet and remain aloft about two hours, Urban Aeronautics says.

But encased fans will replace the exposed rotors that keep helicopters from maneuvering effectively in urban areas or dense natural terrain because they have to stay clear of walls, power lines and mountain ridges. And a patented system of vanes is designed to afford the vehicle greater stability.

Urban Aeronautics says vehicles will be able to sidle right up to a building. (Fox)

What wasn't mentioned in the presentation are the non medical configurations that the X-Hawk is being developed for. The X-Hawk can seat 10 with full combat gear, can be manned or unmanned, and can carry 2500 lbs of gear or weaponry.

The following Urban Aeronautics video gives an up close and personal example of what we can expect to see from the X-Hawk.

From the Farnborough 2006 Airshow
Notice the addition of Vulcan Cannons

An earlier depiction of the X-Hawk.

More from Jameel here

Lots of X-Hawk info available here

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Cargosquid said...

forget combat. I just want one for the drive to work. Just picture flying over all that traffic. Laughing at it.....

Anonymous said...

I'd like a couple of those vulcan cannons too!

Texas Ghostrider said...

I want one fully equiped.....


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