03 November 2009

MDT Armor's Gideon

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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The MDT Armor Gideon

Infantry operations often require a “mule” – a mechanized platform that can carry heavy loads alongside foot soldiers in rough terrain. These “mules” can carry weight that soldiers can not.

The Gideon is an armored mule designed to carry sensitive or “lucrative” loads – expensive and critical loads that can easily be destroyed by gunfire. These loads include antitank and anti-aircraft missiles, explosives and guidance systems. The Gideon is designed to carry such loads in areas where the enemy does not expect it (hence no IED’s in presence), but where the enemy can use SAF to try and interrupt missions.

On the return trip, the Gideon is equipped to carry litter patients. Wounded soldiers can be safely rescued to an area where rescue helicopters can land safely.

A 4-passenger version can be used for combat and assault missions in harsh terrain environments.
Video of the MDT Armor Gideon in action

The MDT Gideon is based on a Polaris 6X6 MVRS.

Axles: 3
Wheels: 6
Vehicle length: 304.8 mm
Vehicle width: 152.4 mm
Vehicle heigth: 190.5 mm
Tire size: Front 25x10-12, Rear 25x11-12
Seating Capacity: 2 + liter of 2 (optional 4)

Engine Specification:
Gasoline, Polaris 1203545
Number of cylinders: 2
Power: 40 HP, 19.8 kw

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