18 November 2009

Rockets attack on Southern Israel

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Terrorists from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip region attacked the Western Negev with a rocket of the Kassam type on Wednesday morning. The IDF Homefront Command's early warning system (Color Red) was sounded in the area, giving residents up to 20 seconds to run for cover.

This was the 273rd rocket or mortar attack on the civilian population of southern Israel by Gazan Arab Terrorists, since the end of the Operation Cast Lead last January.

Shrapnel from a rocket riddled a Children Crossing Sign near a School


Previous attacks have been followed by IDF retaliation like in this video.

IDF Targets a Kassam Launch Site
Watch as some of the ordnance cooks off and launches after the initial impact.

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Anonymous said...

And the world wants Israel to give up settlements and territory, all in the name of "Peace". . .

Not only NO, but HELL NO!

B Woodman

Shafeek Ariel said...

No one in the world,cant live like that, and when you defend your self you are the bad, its time the world see what happen in Israel with this terrorist and they have the idea to have Jerusalem like his capital,hell no,never a Palestinian is going to see Israel like a nation, its time to be strong no matter what,God bless Israel and the Zahal soldiers.


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