09 November 2009

Pimped IDF M4 Rifle

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Commandos in the IDF are encouraged to optimize their tactical gear.

This pimped IDF M4 rifle has been outfitted with an off duty carry clip that keeps the 30 round 5.56mm (.223) Magazine at the ready but in a completely safe position. In addition there is a Trigicon scope, and a tactical pistol grip added to the standard M4 foregrip.

The rifle has been custom painted to match the unit's cammo colored beret and is carried in the standard IDF off duty position on the right with a custom rifle sling.

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Linoge said...

And now I have to ask the obvious question - do you know where he got the magazine holder?

Unknown said...

Same here. Most commonthing we used were the nylon pouches made by Spec ops (brand name) that went on the side of the buttstock but those wore out after a few months, this looks interesting.

Shafeek Ariel said...

If there are for sale,send the Info , thanks . shalom

the sabra said...

is that kfir?


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