02 January 2010

TSA Subpoenas Bloggers

As the government reviews how an alleged terrorist was able to bring a bomb onto a U.S.-bound plane and try to blow it up on Christmas Day, the Transportation Security Administration is trying to find out who leaked a security directive to bloggers. The government says the directive was not supposed to be disclosed to the public.

TSA special agents served subpoenas to travel bloggers demanding that they reveal who leaked the security directive to them. According to sources, the TSA declined to say how many people were subpoenaed.

The directive was dated Dec. 25 and was issued after a 23-year-old Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a.k.a. "The Crotch Bomber" was charged with attempting to bomb a Northwest Airlines flight as it approached Detroit from Amsterdam. The bomb, which was hidden in Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's underwear, malfunctioned and no one was killed. Authorities said the device included a syringe and a condom filled with powder that the FBI determined to be PETN (pentaerythritol), a common explosive related to nitroglycerin. According to sources, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab did mange to neuter himself when he attempted to ignite the bomb, which apparently malfunctioned and burned through his crotch.

The near-miss attack has prompted US President Barack Hussein Obama to order a review of what intelligence information the government had about "The Crotch Bomber" and why it wasn't shared with the appropriate agencies.

The TSA directive outlined new screening measures that went into effect the same day as the airliner incident. It included many procedures that would be apparent to the travelling public, such as screening at boarding gates, patting down the upper legs and torso, physically inspecting all travellers' belongings, looking carefully at syringes with powders and liquids, requiring that passengers remain in their seats one hour before landing, and disabling all onboard communications systems, including what is provided by the airline.

It also listed people who would be exempted from these screening procedures such as heads of state and their families.

This is the second time in a month that the TSA has found some of its sensitive airline security documents on the Internet.

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Drang said...

FWIW, TSA has reportedly "dropped" the subpoenas.
It should also be noted that, not only were the "security" measures in question clearly obvious to all but the most casual observers, but the document was sent to just about every airline and airport in the world.

Lhinelle said...

Hi, I was reading past blog entries and enjoy the fact that you are providing news that often doesn't make it into the realm of US news shows. Your list of "Israel Facts" is particularly enlightening, and I wish it were more widely available when people want to discuss or form opinions about conflict in the Middle East.

Therefore, I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I were to send a link to your blog to the folks at The Colbert Report and request that Mr. Colbert cover some of the information found in your blog in one of his shows. Due to the show's style, one specific example could be that Colbert present the idea that Israel pay back Hamas in kind, using real examples of Hamas' terrorist tactics and practices to lay out his plan. Please understand that this would be entirely sarcastic, the point being to disgust viewers with Hamas and to showcase how Israel is not in any way evil or trying to exterminate Palestineans; it's just trying to survive as a nation in a place full of crazies who want to see it wiped off the map.

Thanks again for sharing this information and your experiences with us!


DoubleTapper said...

KP- feel free to send a link to Colbert

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

The TSA are a bunch of government brainless dweebs who harrass bloggers. This is America. We have a right to a FREE PRESS - and as they have no right to hide so much information from us. They had no right to "classify" that information. We want TRANSPARENCY. Big brother won't keep us safe. We will keep ourselves safe. We're Americans. Big brother has failed to keep us safe. The Haskells would have stopped to question the bomber and his rich friend had they been given power - and they'd be trustworthy unlike the government.


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