14 January 2010

Israeli Help in Haiti

The IDF Home Front Command sent search and rescue forces to Haiti, working in cooperation with US relief efforts operating from Miami, with air drops and aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson are moving into position. A number of other ships, including the USNS Comfort hospital ship and a group of amphibious ships with a Marine Expeditionary Unit aboard, are on standby and are expected to leave for Haiti in the next few days.

Israel Defense Forces search and rescue forces have been involved in several international rescue operations after natural disasters in the past, including the Izmit earthquake which hit Turkey with a 7.6 magnitude in August 1999.

IDF search and rescue forces and medical teams operated for seven continuous days in coordination with Turkey authorities and rescued 12 victims of the earthquake and recovered 140 bodies. As part of their activities, the IDF forces also set up a field hospital in Turkey, which continued operating after the search and rescue forces returned to Israel. More than one thousand patients and wounded people were treated in the hospital and fourteen babies were delivered in the hospital labor room.

"The IDF Home Front Command constantly trains its search and rescue forces to respond accurately to emergencies," an IDF spokesperson told the Israel News Agency.

"The IDF frequently holds search and rescue exercises in cooperation with civilian Israel and international organizations, such as the Reliant Mermaid X exercise in August 2009, in which Turkey, US and Israel naval and aerial forces cooperated. The IDF Home Front Command and the Israel Ministry of Health are also currently holding an international conference for emergency preparedness and response to share it's experience with hundreds of international officials."

Israel is very well known and respected for its humanitarian relief efforts which stretch from across the globe.

Israel and Haiti maintain full diplomatic relations. In 1947, Haiti voted for the United Nations’ partition of British Mandate Palestine and the creation of the State of Israel. Many Haitians share much respect and admiration for Israel and its struggles.

Israel's ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Amos Radyan, is now traveling by car to Port au Prince on in order to make an initial assessment. Radyan will be risking his life as he travels over broken roads, fallen electric lines, floods, etc.

The UN mission chief to Haiti is among those missing with more than 100 people in the rubble of the collapsed UN headquarters building.

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