05 August 2010

Defying the Boycott of Israel

In defiance of the latest trend by musicians to boycott performing in Israel, the award winning veteran British rock group Jethro Tull will return to Israel for three concerts. The band has performed in Israel over five times in recent years. In a lengthy statement on the band's web site, lead singer Ian Anderson wrote that he would never succumb to political pressure to boycott Israel. He pledged to donate proceeds of the concert to a charity that would promote peace.

Jethro Tull will perform August 6th at Shuni Fortress near Binyamina, August 7th in Ceasaria and August 9th in Jerusalem.

Ian Anderson performing in Jerusalem 23 August 2007

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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PetrolClock said...


Ostrogoth said...

Ian has got guts:) And, of course, he makes wonderful music ! Let's praise the minstrel in Jerusalem !:)

Yiftach said...

I saw them in Keisarya about, oh, I don't know, 20-something years ago? Early 90s maybe. I was close enough to see Ian's spittle when he was jamming on his flute. Freakin' amazing show. GO. SEE. THEM. Not just because they're defying the boycott (yasher koach on that!) but because they're an awesome rock & roll band.

Gila Monster said...

ok, now i'm conflicted.... i loved jethro tull as a kid. i do security at concerts and after the mesa, az show a few yrs ago ian anderson got on the bus and told the driver to take him back to the hotel. when the driver said the rest of the band is walking towards the bus ian's answer was 'i don't care, take me back to the hotel'. he left his band standing on the sidewalk. that cost him a lot of my respect. now that he's playing in Israel i suppose i should like him again... off subject, i heard ozzy's scheduled to play in israel and was wondering if that's still happening? ozzy skipped phx, az this year which really bummed me out.... rock on y'all.

Gila Monster said...

ok, now I'm conflicted... I loved jethro tull as a kid. As an adult (in age, not attitude) i work security at concerts and watched ian anderson get on the bus after the mesa,az show a few years and had the driver take him back to the hotel AFTER the driver told him that the rest of the band was walking towards the bus on the sidewalk. That cost him a lot of my respect... Now i suppose that I have to like him again for playing in Israel... O well, it's the crazy world of rock n roll... off subject, I heard Ozzy's playing in Israel this summer. He's skipping phx, az this summer and would love to know how the concert is. Thanks all and rock on.


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