27 August 2010

M4 Rifle Accessories

I recently upgraded the accessories on my IDF issue M4 rifle.

I started out by removing the metal IDF Issue butt-stock
and added this tactical sling adapter.

I then added a Bungee Sling

and a Recoil Reducing Butt Stock

Here's how the Tactical Recoil Reducing M4 Butt-stock works

I also replaced the stock pistol grip with this one

I added an Aluminum quad rail handguard

and the Mag Well Grip

and in the front, I added the
T-Pod Tactical Foregrip 
which opens to a bipod

And an Offset Flashlight Mount
for my 1" flashlight

I'll post my thoughts on the accessories after I've had a chance to evaluate them at the range.

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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SabaShimon said...

DoubleTapper, titchadesh! My only issue is with the mag well grip. I've tried it, but still prefer doubling iup my magus, which is impossible with that device.
Looking forward to your impressions.
Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Nice very nice site you have

Shalem bless you


John said...

Really looking forward to hearing your impressions on the stock and the fore-grip. I've been looking at Zahal and debating ordering them for a couple months now.

DC Handgun Info said...

Think "weight". More weight = less mobility, no. I am considering buying a polymer lower for an AR-15 here in the U.S. to save weight over the aluminum lower.

DC Handgun Info said...

Isn't it better to have the lightest weight possible configuration for your M-4? More weight = Unwieldy, no?. I am considering buying a polymer lower for an AR-15 future construction project; now marked down to $89 online!

DoubleTapper said...

DC- I find that if my weapon becomes too heavy to handle comfortably then I just adjust my training regimen to include some heavier weight and within a short time the weapon feels light again. I start with power training to gain strength, lifting extremely heavy weight to momentary muscle failure at 3-5 reps. Once mastered, I switch to stamina training. I work with a weight that is %25 above that of my weapon for sets of 100 reps. This way I do not tire easily in the field and have no problem with the weight.

Zayde- The magwell grip works fine with my magazine couplers, come over and try it for yourself!

John- I stock is amazing and the foregrip is surprisingly light and durable. Both are great additions to my weapon!


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