04 August 2010

Attack on Israel's Northern Border Map and Video

Map of attack. The unprovoked attack on IDF Maintenance crew from Lebanon happened on the Israel side of the Blue Line (demarcating the border). The fence is set a few meters inside Israeli territory for tactical and functional reasons.

As you can see in the above map, in some areas, there is a gap between the IDF security fence and the actual border, which is where this attack took place. IDF soldiers were conducting ongoing routine maintenance work including clearing bushes from the area. This sort of activity is crucial to keep an open line of sight, to prevent attacks and kidnappings, like the one in the summer of 2006, which was in a similar location.  The maintenance was pre-coordinated with UNIFIL.

IDF OC Northern Command Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisencott described the incident as follows:  At around noon Tuesday, Israeli forces were cutting down small trees near Kibbutz Misgav Am on our side of the border. "Their (IDF) officers were watching the work from a forward command post 200-300 meters behind the border when all of a sudden Lebanese forces suddenly started shooting without any sort of provocation."  “It was a planned ambush by a sniper unit
The IDF retaliated with tank, artillery and helicopter fire against Lebanese army positions. According to IDF Maj. Gen. Eisencott, when the Lebanese commanders asked for a ceasefire to evacuate their wounded, "We acceded to their request but then too they shelled one of our tanks. The tank gun fired on the shooters."

Conclusive evidence shows that the Lebanese army staged a planned ambush and invited media to film the lethal attack on the IDF Tuesday. “It was a planned ambush by a sniper unit," Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisencott told reporters

Tuesday morning started off with a routine communication by the IDF to United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) forces that the army planned to uproot several trees within Israeli territory, on the quiet border, in order to provide a better intelligence view of a Lebanese border village where Hizballah terrorists have been observed operating.

The work was to begin at 9 a.m., but Israel accepted UNIFIL’s request to delay the action for two hours. In the meantime, UNIFIL informed the Lebanese army (LAF), which is standard operating procedure.

However, an officer in the LAF decided to plan the ambush and even notify Lebanese media, which arrived on the scene to film the attack.

UNIFIL, LAF, local media and Hizballah, all knew of the ambush.  "I can confirm that we received notification from the IDF about the work and we passed the information on to the Lebanese Army,"  a UNIFIL officer told IDF Army Radio Wednesday.

More video from Israeli TV

Hizballah's Hassan Nasrallah, in the speech he delivered Tuesday night, capitalized on the attack by saying he had ordered his militiamen not to interfere in the clash with Israeli forces.  He commended the Lebanese Army (LAF) for its bravery in taking on the Zionist foe and let it be understood that his rockets and missiles would be made available for the next round of fighting with Israel. 

Australian TV Report

More on the Northern Border Attack

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