17 October 2010

Nasrallah's present to Ahmadinejad - an Israeli rifle seized in 2006

http://twitter.com/idfspokespersonDuring his visit to Lebanon, Nasrallah presented Ahmadinejad with this rifle. which is reported to be an Israeli assault rifle seized in 2006.

The rifle came with a row of  bullets in a large dark red case, which was affixed with a Hizbullah emblem.


What rifle is this? 

"This is almost certainly an FN Fal 7.62 rifle, which has not been used by the IDF since 1974," an IDF spokeswoman said. "We can therefore conclude that it was not taken from the Second Lebanon War," the spokeswoman added.

The IDF began using the FN FAL in 1955.  The FAL version ordered by the IDF came in two basic variants, both regular and heavy-barrel (automatic rifle), and were chambered for 7.62 mm NATO ammunition. In common with heavy-barrel FALs used by several other nations, the Israeli 'heavy barrel' FAL was called the Makle'a Kal, or Makleon.

The IDF FALs were originally produced as selective-fire rifles, though later light-barrel rifle versions were altered to semi-automatic fire only. The Israeli versions are distinguished by a distinctive handguard with a forward perforated sheet metal section, and a rear wood section unlike most other FALs in shape, and their higher 'Commonwealth'-type sights. The Israeli FAL first saw action in relatively small quantities during the Suez Crisis of 1956, and by the Six-Day War in June 1967, it was the standard Israeli rifle. During the Yom Kippur War of October 1973 it was still in front-line service as the standard Israeli rifle.

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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Captain Tightpants said...

It's a variant of an FN/FAL rifle in 7.62mm - yes, Israel used them from the 50's through the adoption of the Galil platform. Still in use in 2006 - of course not!

PaulG said...

Looks like it might be an FN FAL. I have never seen one with a wood stock though.

Anonymous said...

the Dutch government is supposed to have supplied several hundred surplus (Dutch armed forces switched to Canadian built M-16s) FN FALs complete with a large supply of ammo to the PA for their "police" several years ago as part of the EU "aid effort".

AFAIK they didn't use wood stocks, but those are probably easy to get aftermarket to turn a standard issue weapon into a collector grade one (and any wood worker in Gaza can no doubt churn them out to order, they do enough of that to repair terrorist AKs).

Angus McThag said...

The gun in the case sure looks like an Israeli pattern FAL. Light barrel.

It also looks like someone took a heavy barrel carry handle and put it on backwards since it's sitting on the left side of the gun.

As far as where it came from? I just made a clone of one out of a DSA FAL. Most of the parts have been surplus for a long time and the FAL is not an uncommon gun. Less than half an hour with a screwdriver and you have a convincing clone for most people. Couple hours with an engraver you can put the correct markings on.

Or it could just have been laying around for the last 36 years.


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