28 October 2010

IDF Graduates Largest Ever Medical Doctors Class

The IDF Medical Corps completed the largest medical course in IDF history. The IDF reported that 50 new medical doctors will graduate and be assigned to the various air, sea, and land IDF units.  The new doctors will be assigned to 35 different battalions, of which 17 never had a regular doctor, relying on a paramedic or temporary physician.

IDF MD Doctors Train under fire

The IDF’s Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Dr. Nachman Ash, credited an extensive campaign the IDF ran encouraging future soldiers to join the Medical Corps and other enticements that the IDF used to fill the IDF's need for new medical doctors.

Brigadier General Dr. Ash, who gave the IDF’s future doctors their final examination, congratulated them and said: “These are doctors who are fully motivated, they are ready and willing to perform their duty. There is no doubt that from now on, with all the IDF’s field units manned by doctors, the response to our soldiers will also improve accordingly.”

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