02 November 2010

Homeland Security Conference Day 1

The first biennial Homeland Security Conference began last night in Tel Aviv. Representatives from around the world and Israeli Homeland Security experts are presenting new methodologies, trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry during the 3 day event.

The conference's focus is on "Safe Cities" and "Airport Security". During the first day I attended lectures and discussions with keynote speakers, experts, panel discussions. I saw exhibitions, attended One-on-One meetings, and viewed presentations of ground breaking technologies all in the field of homeland security.

What is Homeland Security? How does Israel approach Homeland Security?

Here in Israel, Homeland Security is easily defined as Counter Terrorism at home. Homeland Security is not a giant government agency that administers the regulation of safeguards. Whether it be the Israeli Police, a private Security firm, Paramedics, or any of the many Israeli Entrepreneurs creating and implementing Homeland Security Technology to assist any of the above, all are included in the Israeli holistic approach to Homeland Security.

I will write up the lectures and showcase the exhibits I saw in a later post.

Stay tuned...
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