26 November 2010

IDF Infantry Instructors

The Israeli Infantry Corps is a corps in the IDF GOC Army Headquarters. It includes several regular and reserve service units and brigades which are operatively commanded by the IDF’s regional commands.

Regular service brigades

* The Golani Brigade (Northern Command).
* The Paratroopers Brigade (Central Command).
* The Nahal Brigade (Central Command).
* The Kfir Brigade (Central Command).
* The Givati Brigade (Southern Command).

Independent battalions

* The Sword Battalion (299th)
* The Desert Reconnaissance Battalion (585th)
* The Caracal Battalion (33rd), named after the Sand Cat

Independent units

* The Duvdevan unit
* The Maglan unit
* The Oketz unit (dog handlers).


At the beginning of each basic training course, there are several days of 'integration', where drill instructors convert recruits from civilians to soldiers. These are usually considered the most difficult days of any basic training program, even though they are not physically draining. During these days, recruits receive no breaks and the discipline is at its highest level.

While and each Unit training varies, there are some share commonalities. All soldiers are issued weapons after their initial integration days and must carry them until the end of the basic training course. Many lessons are also common for all corps, such as moreshet krav (literally "battle heritage"), where soldiers are taught about historic IDF operations.  Most Infantry Units basic training course lasts four months.  Advanced training can last another 4 months.

Physical and verbal aggression are not permitted in the IDF basic training, which leaves drill instructors with a limited number of ways to hand out punishments. Physical punishments such as push-ups and running are common ways to punish for several discipline issues. Another method of punishment is giving detention - keeping a soldier several more days in the training base instead of weekend furlough; or simply delaying the visit home by a few hours. And group punishments, where if one soldier makes a mistake, the entire platoon suffers.

IDF Women as Infantry Instructors

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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