04 November 2010

Homeland Security Conference Day 2

On the Second day of the Homeland Security Conference I took lots of pictures at the Exhibition and talked to the vendors about their products, expertise and the Homeland Security Field.  I also attended some of the lectures and sat in on panel discussions.

Amstaf Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Breaching Systems
develops an automated system for the detection of a person's intent

Solutions for protection and security systems

Makers of the Mag Shoe

Global defense-contracting firm

Recognition Systems & Video Analytics

Reps from North Carolina, Ohio and Fairfax County Virgina were here to try and entice Israeli HLS Companies to open shop in their regions. 

The Israeli Export Agency was on hand to assist in the export process.

NBCM Protection

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

 I will write up individual companies and products in later posts


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dickerson3870 said...

Truly sick stuff!

Israel Neeman said...

Sick stuff indeed, but not in use by IL army, should consider them.


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