19 April 2012

IDF soldier collapses and dies during training

Wednesday was not a fun day for me. My son, the IDF Serviceman, was trying out for an elite IDF combat unit. Imagine hearing this on the radio all the while knowing that your son is there.

"An IDF serviceman died on Wednesday morning after collapsing during a training exercise at a southern army base on Wednesday morning. He collapsed on the final day of a grueling four-day trial in the Negev desert for entry to an elite IDF unit. Medics tried in vain to resuscitate him at the scene. He was evacuated to Yoseftal Hospital in Eilat, where he was pronounced dead.

The soldier reportedly collapsed while training near his fellow recruits. The head of emergency medicine at Yoseftal Hospital reports that he had suffered a heart attack that was most likely unpredictable — similar to the deaths of otherwise healthy athletes during sporting events.

The IDF Ground Forces command and the chief medical officer launched an investigation into the causes of the soldier’s death."

The IDF Spokesman later released his name. Godspeed Cpl. Joshua Chefetz.

Eventually my son called to let us know that he was ok.

My condolences to Cpl. Joshua Chefetz's family and thanks to G-d for keeping my son safe.

If you'd like to make a donation in memory of Cpl. Joshua Chefetz, please go here.

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