30 April 2008

Who shouldn't own a gun?

A while back I posted on "Why do you own a gun?"

My friend JoeSettler commented that some people shouldn't own guns.

I own a gun, and have always had guns.

Mrs. DoubleTapper has a Glock 26.

Almost all of my friends and neighbors have guns.

The Government here in Israel requires that all guns be licensed, that every permit holder be 21 years old, and certified by a doctor that they are healthy, both physically and mentally. In addition no felons can be licensed to carry guns.

So now you have the government telling an elderly person with a debilitating illness that they have to sell their handgun and are no longer allowed to have a firearm for protection. And Servicemen and students from the ages of 18-21 can't own firearms either. They can do military service and be issued weapons by the IDF, but can't purchase a pistol.

In the USA no felon or mentally ill person can legally own a firearm. But there's no law on the elderly, or the physically weak/sick.

So who do you think shouldn't own a gun?


Anonymous said...

The frightened ninnies that freely admit that they have so little self control that they couldn't be trusted with firearms ownership.

You see them all the time commenting on issues of guns and gun control.

tjbbpgob said...

Yes, they all will teetee in their britches if you just growl at them.

GunGeek said...

How did you manage to post this on 30 April 2008? Don't you realize that you have to hide all evidence of the use of time travel machines?

Oh, and "Amen" to what SailorCurt said.

Chris said...

when you consider that in VA, wearing a mask in public is a felony, and that hitching a ride on a train is a federal felony... i think its time for a serious reconsideration about the whole convicted felons being denied ownership... far too many crimes are considered felonies now days, and that needs to change...

The Duck said...

Anyone who cannot show they know how to use the 4 basic safety rules of firearms. If they are to stupid to be able to be to be safe they have no right to a gun

Jay G said...

"Who shouldn't own a gun?"

The presently incarcerated.

After that, everyone.

Yes, even convicted felons. If they are "safe" enough to be released into the general population, they should be "safe" enough to own a firearm legally.

If they are not "safe" enough to own a firearm legally, keep them the hell in jail...

Mattexian said...

For the USA? Perhaps anyone who isn't willing to own a gun as a prerequisite to voting, barring the existing felons and insane. Certainly, as SailorCurt pointed out, anyone who is anti-gun usually doesn't own a gun and has nothing to lose by agitating against their ownership. So, if we tie gun ownership and voting together, they'd have an interest in working for real crime solutions, instead of blaming the guns. Even make it part of the public records, refer to them as "Civilian" and those of us with guns are "Citizens," similar to Heinlien's Starship Troopers.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Actually DT, the question is irrelevant, or at least mute.
If firearms were banned tomorrow, I know seven places where I could buy one anyway. It wouldn't be cheap, but it would still be available.
If I know where to get them, odds are good lots of other people do too, or could find out.
It's inconceivable to me that ANYONE in Israel is not allowed to own a firearm, since the whole place is in the middle of a perpetual war zone...Thanks for enlightening me.
The only "gun control" that actually works, is the ability to hit your target.

That's why politicians should not be allowed to own guns!

tjbbpgob said...

To Mattexian; we can't even tie voting to intelligence most of the time in this country. how in H are we going to tie it to gun ownership? (retorical question)

NotClauswitz said...

People who don't want-to shouldn't, like Sailorcurt said, the frightened who op-out - and they shouldn't have any effect on the outcomes or pursuits of others.

SordidPanda said...

Anyone who believes they get 72 virgins for killing people who don't believe the same as they do really shouldn't own firearms, explosives, or chemical weapons.

Rational people who just want to live life and be left alone, every single one of them should have a gun.

John R said...

Who shouldn't own a gun?

Well... the only person I can think of who shouldn't own a gun is someone who does not want to own a gun.

The means to defend oneself is a natural right (God given if you will). As humans, we use tools to overcome our limitations. A firearm is the most efficient tool available for a human for self defense.

If society deems that you are able to function without a caretaker, then you have the right to defend yourself against those who would harm you.

Pretty darn simple if you ask me.

.-∙° Nick °∙-. said...

Everyone - even convicted felons should be allowed to own guns, PERIOD. Let's stop making addendums to our basic bill of rights.

Anonymous said...

No one should own a gun. We should have them issued to us by the goverment -- all kinds from pocket 9s all the way up to Minimis. And ammo too. We have gubmint health care as a right, well dammit, owning a gun is a right too.. Where is my gubmint issued gun???


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