16 April 2008

Jimmy Carter visits Terrorists

Former US President Jimmy Carter says he feels “quite at ease” meeting with chief Hamas terrorist Khaled Mashaal in Damascus and is looking forward to his talks with the politburo head, scheduled this Thursday. “I’ve been meeting with Hamas leaders for years,” said Carter, who arrived in Israel Sunday on his unauthorized diplomatic “study mission.”

Grinning Jimmy Carter Peanut.

Carter has made headlines across the US with his insistence on holding talks with Hamas against the specific and repeated requests of the American government that he not do so.

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1 comment:

tjbbpgob said...

Double Tapper, could yopu'all please find a way to keep that S.O.B. in the middle east somewhere? I am sure you would learn to love him as we love him here, or maybe you already do. He could probably figure a way to grow peanuts there, good for the Palestians, or maybe he could be convinced to become a homicide bomber. With luck and his ineptude he would probably take out a whole cell.


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