17 April 2008

Stupid way to commit suicide

Arab Photographer Fadel Shana in Gaza.

How he did it:
First he got out of his SUV in the middle of a group of gun toting terrorists.
Next he pointed his shoulder held video camera at an IDF tank while standing in the middle of a group of gun toting terrorists...

Watch how it happened!

He had about two seconds. Any ideas what he was thinking?


MadRocketScientist said...

He was thinking:

I wonder what that puff of smoke was all aboout?

Anonymous said...

That was cool, you could actually see the shell coming it from the top of the screen for a split second.

He was probably thinking "what's that?"

Or maybe "so THAT's what it looks like from this end"

SordidPanda said...


I smell a "Darwin"!

Rustmeister said...

I know what he wasn't thinking.

He wasn't thinking "Hey, I bet this camera looks an awful lot like an antitank weapon from this distance."

Anonymous said...

He was thinking:"if i get killed like this all the european media will make it look like the IDF purposefully shot an unarmed cameraman"

Ben Havdahl said...

The douche bags at YouTube took it down.


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