02 September 2008

Doubletapping, DoubleTapper, What's a Double Tap?

I was recently mentioned in a newspaper article. Of course, they called me Doubletapping and not DoubleTapper. guns and self-defense Israel doubletapping

The article is here.

I am also frequently asked, "What's a Double Tap?"

I figured this was the correct time to post an answer.

Double Tapper- A person adept at the technique of Double Tap shooting.

Double Tap- A double tap is a shooting technique where two shots are fired quickly at the same target penetrating the same hole.

In the double tap technique, after the first round is fired, the trigger is quickly pulled again while maintaining the same point of aim. Ideally, both rounds should strike anywhere within the center of the target, causing two sites of trauma and maximizing shock. The technique is meant to both impose restraint and fire control on the users of any weapon while maximizing the potential of hitting, penetrating and incapacitating the target.

Using the double tap technique maintains target accuracy without wasting ammunition and decreases the probability of damage to non-targets. Furthermore, since single rounds tend to have poor terminal ballistics characteristics, a pair of bullets traversing through a target in close track (eg. the double tap) increases the probability of incapacitating a target. Also, since the center of mass is the most desirable target for a sidearm, firing two rounds helps compensate for the possibility that the first round might be deflected by heavy bone or miss a vital organ.

Against armored targets, the double-tap is sometimes the only way to penetrate armored protection. While appropriate soft armor can stop almost any pistol-caliber round once, two rounds impacting the same spot will almost certainly penetrate the armor. Likewise with hard armor, two rounds from a higher-powered weapon stand a much better chance of penetrating the armor if the rounds strike closely.

So there you have it.

DoubleTapper, DoubleTapping, from Israel!

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the sabra said...

thanks--saved me a google search :)

ps very nerdy about the 'doubletapping' link.


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