23 September 2008

Terrorist Killed by IDF Serviceman in Jerusalem

Vehicular Terrorist was neutralized while attempting to murder a crowd of people in Jerusalem yesterday evening.

The Terrorist rammed his new black BMW into a large crowd of pedestrians shortly before 11:00 p.m. next to the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. The Terrorist was shot dead by an IDF Officer who happened to be on a walking tour in the area.

1st Lieutenant Elad Amar who was standing on an island between lanes on the road, just barely managed to avoid being run over, then cocked his M4 rifle and shot the terrorist dead. Lt. Amar served in the Paratrooper unit commanded by David Shapira.

Most of the 23 victims, one of whom is in serious condition, were IDF soldiers who had gone to the Old City to participate in the nighttime prayers traditionally recited before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year Holiday that starts next week.

To see a video of the aftermath of the terror attack,
click the picture.

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