22 September 2008

Email from reader

I received this email from a reader, via facebook.

I read some of the posts on your blog. Happened to stumble upon it while looking for libertarians on facebook. I have a question for you but you may or may not take offense to it. Many gun control advocates in government happen to be Jewish, senator Schumer from NY state (my state) being one of them. Obviously, Jews in Israel enjoy the freedom to carry with them pretty much everywhere they go. I would guess that violent crime, outside of palestinian attacks, is infrequent and people are not just shooting at each other wildly.

How would you address or what would you say to these senators, who probably have a connection with Israel, about the benefits of an armed populace?

Although you had a recent corruption scandal in Israel, I am guessing with the average citizen packing fully automatic military style weaponry, you do not have to worry about the government encroaching on your rights as much as we in the US do where we are limited to semi automatics or single shot bolt/pump action rifles. Our cops are even allowed to have military weapons and that is a scary thing as many are power hungry bottom feeders.

When a population has no recourse in defending themselves, property, rights from encroachment, it will not remain free for long. I am happy to see you might show some solidarity with 2nd amendment supporters in the USA. Israel should be a case study in how an armed populace can thrive without descending into total chaos.

He's absolutely correct. I do support the 2nd amendment, and armed law abiding citizens defending themselves everywhere.

Israel does have some fairly restrictive gun laws, but they don't negate the rights of the general populace from arming and defending ourselves. An armed populace, as you can see in Israel, is a safe one.

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