02 September 2008

M4 Wish List

Steve at HogOnIce asked about accessories for the AR. Versitile, customizable rifles with a huge selection of accessories available.

Here in Israel we carry the IDF issue M16A1 (and the M4) as members of the local militia.

I carry my M16A1 with a barrel mounted laser sight/pointer with a PTT on my tactical fore grip in the front, a Surefire flashlight, and a rear pistol grip. I also have a see through mount for my 50mm 3-9X scope with lighted rangefinder reticle so I can use the iron sights at close range. And a magazine coupler.

I added accessories as they became available as my budget for add ons is nonexistent.

Each accessory has been carefully checked out and certified by the anti-terror team.

If I had my way, I'd upgrade to a newer M4 rifle and set it up like this:

Steve, I don't think Mrs. DoubleTapper would appreciate me naming her Vera, but since she's a Colt, I could probably get away with calling her Filly.

Of course there are many more accessories and options available...



Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but what does PTT stand for? You know, the red-yellow thing on your tactical foregrip?

Unknown said...

hello, I'm a Reenactor of Spain, I entertain the IDF, I saw a picture where you see a colt M733 with a M203 and M203 adapter very rare, you could tell me what.
pardon my poor translation of English


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