02 November 2009

IDF Women Special Report

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس
IDF Women are world renowned for many things.

IDF Women are unique in the world of military service in that at age of 18 they are drafted and required to complete 2 years of service. IDF Women serve in almost every conceivable Military Occupation (MOS) including combat specialties.

That IDF Women are courageous is an indisputable fact.

The IDF has a strict policy that requires the immediate release of any serviceman or woman that has been diagnosed with cancer.

Recently, a Nineteen-year-old IDF Woman that was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, was summarily released from service.

IDF Woman L. enlisted in 2008 and after six months began officers' training. Unfortunately, two days before completing the rigorous course that would have required her to server an additional year in the IDF, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, also known as Hodgkin's disease.

The IDF immediately classified her as unable to perform a military service and released her.

Instead of taking the easy way out and taking her early discharge, going home, getting treatment and convalescing, she filed a petition to the IDF, the IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi and the Defense Minister Ehud Barak, requesting the IDF immediately reinstate her to desk duty, so she may continue her service throughout her chemotherapy – a move towards resuming the course of her service once her treatment is over.

Now that's courage!

Say a quick prayer for L's health, leave her a note in the comments

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wirecutter said...

Best wishes for a special Soldier. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

She's a real warrior.
I'll prey for her.
primo capo

Anonymous said...

All the best for a speedy recovery and thanks for your service, as a Brit I can say that you people are in the front line and I can only offer my thanks.

Texas Ghostrider said...

A true warrior and may you win the battle of health! You have a supporter in Texas, You are a strong women, keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Bravery knows no boundries.
God bless & a speedy full recovery.

B Woodman

Mark said...

God willing, she'll be around to server her country for many years.

I'm surprised the IDF discharges cancer patients when they are diagnosed. Chemo will be a bitch, and there's no way a soldier can be deployable during treatment, but as long as there is a decent prognosis cancer patients should be kept on. It's good for the soldier, and it's good for the service to retain the experience.

Anonymous said...

Kol Hakavod to L!!!!

I wish her a refuah shlemah bekarov in strength and perseverance!

Mark [different Mark than above]

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus... they don't build them like this in Amerika! Best wishes and strength to her!

Colin McCawley said...

Thank you for your service L. and the best of luck in your battle.

Unknown said...

All the best and I'll pray you have a swift and total recovery! May God bless and keep you safe!

Anonymous said...

As a survivor of that disease, she is right to seek desk work. After treatment and time for recovery she will be, G-d Willing, good as new and ready for anything.

Refuah Shelaimah!

Anonymous said...

Late on the uptake but still... best of wishes to her, hope shes doing great.

Semper Fidelis


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