29 December 2009

How should Israel deal with Terrorists?

 تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس
I'd like your opinions on this, please post a comment. 

The Obama administration yesterday demanded the Israeli government explain why its military eliminated three terrorists in an operation this past Saturday.

Over the weekend, three terrorists, all members of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ U.S.-trained and funded "Fatah security forces" were killed in an Israeli raid intended to arrest the suspects upon information that they killed an Israeli civilian last Thursday. According to the Israel Defense Forces, the three Fatah terrorists were heavily armed and refused to surrender to the Israeli soldiers.

Israel had information that all three were responsible for the terrorist shooting of Rabbi Meir Hai, a 40-year-old Jewish teacher and father of seven, who was murdered on a road near his home in an area where Israel giving in to pressure from the Obama administration, had recently lifted a roadblock restricting Arab movement.

Ballistic tests carried out on a weapon found inside the terrorists’ apartment later confirmed the gun was used in the shooting of Rabbi Hai.

According to the IDF, the three terrorists killed in the raid Saturday refused to surrender. They were carrying weapons and ammunition. One of the terrorists, identified as Fatah member Adnan Subuh, had on his body a handgun, two American M-16’s and a large amount of ammunition. The other two terrorists were Fatah members Raad Sarkaji and Ghassan Abu Shreikh.

According to Israeli diplomatic sources, senior Obama administration officials yesterday demanded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s National Security Adviser, Uzi Arad, explain to them how the Fatah terrorists were killed on Saturday. 

Any thoughts?

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Unknown said...

The events of this past weekend are the only proper way to deal with terrorism. This needs to be and should be our (Israel's)response to all terrorist acts. Quick and decisive action with the sole purpose of stopping future incidents and making those responsible pay for their terrorism. Arresting, holding, feeding, educating and then releasing a terrorist down the road so that they may perform future events of terror is totally ineffective and just plain stupid. Israel needs to let all the terrorist know that if you choose to start something with us, we will in no uncertain times finish it with you. As far as answering the Obama administration explain simply for the same reasons that you (United States)does, it is the only thing that is effective in fighting terror.

Capt.Craig said...

What I would respond to Zero: "Dear president Obama, with all due respect, sir, go fxxk yourself!"

Unknown said...

First let me apologize for the pathetic excuse of a president we have here in America.
I believe that the actions of Isreal and it's brave fighting men and women where justified and acceptable.
Here in the U.S. we have come to terms with the OBAMANATION that some have voted in but we strongly disagree with him and his policies.

Dan said...

Tell the Obama administration to stuff it and mind their own business.

Anonymous said...

If the Obamination wants to know how they were shot, "point weapon, pull trigger, dead bad guy" geez, to quote Bugs Bunny "what a maroon!"

Drang said...

Ignore the request.

Or, point out that if the USA followed this policy, we would have fewer problems. Catch and re;lease for trout is fine, for criminals or tangos, folly.

Unknown said...

First I would like to apologize for our so called president.
Then I would have to say deny the request and lastly CARRY ON.

Jewish Marksman said...

I would tell Israeli politicians and other officials to ignore Obama. He is a sinking ship.

Given the attempted underwear bombing over the weekend, and his impotence on Iranian protest violence, Obama's terror and foreign policy credentials are in the toilet.

In 2010 the US media will turn on him. At the moment, the mainstream US media (heavily liberally biased) is going through a disillusionment phase. Comedy shows like SNL are finally starting to mock Obama, and they tend to be a few months ahead of general media opinion.

So my advice is to continue to conduct the war on terrorists according to Torah values: give an enemy an opportunity to surrender and reform, and if that opportunity is rejected then neutralize the threat.

Unknown said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't one of the selling points of the jug eared messiah to the left in America was that nobody in the Middle East liked us and he was going to butt out of international affairs there?

Anonymous said...

It appears that about the only thing our president dislikes more than the U.S. (before the nationalization of all industry, that is) is Israel. It is a wonderment that so many of the jewish faith in our country support this politician.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the holy Israeli Army . But Islamic Terrorism is a doctrine and not the body. What is the use to kill thousands of terrorists, while their official ideology produces hundreds of millions others!
I would lik to assert that any muslim believe that Allah orderd muslims to build mosques and that the holy land is an islamic land , he or she want to eliminate Israel

ajdshootist said...

Im with Capt.Craig in response to the Kenyan go Fxxk yourself.

Casey said...

Unless there's something I'm missing here, it sounds like Israeli authorities dealt with a domestic matter. Regardless of who wants to stick their nose into it, it was a response to an attack on Israeli soil that sounds like it was carried out by the book. Tell the politicos to mind their won business, in as polite a manner as possible.

No use burning a bridge, it may be useless now, but who knows what it will be like in a few years :)


Anonymous said...

I can only shake my head and wonder what my fellow Americans were thinking.

And, feel ashamed that this dillweed is running around holding the same title that real men like Washington, Grant and Reagan held with pride and took seriously with honor.

This goof is just Jimmy Carter the Second on steroids.

I'd tell them exactly what happened. Then, I'd kill some more tangos and pre-emptively let the dillhole know why those were killed. Then, I repeat. After maybe the tenth round of dead tangos, I'd ask dillhole if he'd had enough yet.

Timmeehh said...

How should Israel deal with Terrorists?

Kill them, kill them all.

MikeC said...

Our deceiver in chief never loses an opportunity to embarass us. We still doubt he is even a US citizen but that's another conspiracy. In any event, he is quite the world leader these days asking questions about why terrorists are being killed with 3,000 miles of oceans protecting him. I agree with Capt. Craig...Hey Barry, f**k off. You're an idiot in a nice suit.

Jim R said...

Just remember where this arrogant attitude comes from. This Obamanation is the C-I-C of the most powerful nation in the world, who cannot come to grips with the notion that these cancers need to be eradicated. The ultimate boss of the CIA who has now become the laughing stock of the entire intelligence community. Political correctness has no place in the War on Terror. These impotent wussies are just insanely jealous that they do not have the balls to deal with their own problems.

jumblerant said...

I would thank them for their interest in our security and then answer their question quite simply:

"with extreme prejudice"

More Tavor pics and reviews when you get the chance please...

Anonymous said...

How should Israel deal with terrorists?

1] First, as a policy, you do NOT speak with or acknowledge either terrorists or terror organizations. They exist totally outside any form of human society.

2] When encountering terrorists in a combat situation, you kill them - no mercy asked, nor any given.

3] If a terrorist is captured inadvertently, they are given a swift and fair trial, and then imprisoned for 30+ years - without any possibility of release.

3b] Terrorists who are incarcerated will spend their time naked, in a low-lit cell, fed bland stews/soups, without any contact from other human beings. No radio, tv, phone, mail, exercise, etc. Monitored constantly, they will be punished for any noise violations, etc. All they will be allowed to do is sleep, eat, and stare at their cell walls. No tools (eating utensils) or comforts (toilet paper) is allowed - remotely hose them down once a week and an extreme minimum of medical care. Warehouse their empty souls for the duration of their sentence - and tell the world to piss off, you're actually giving these oxygen thieves mercy.

Mark said...

If you have proof that a certain person is a terr, and you have the opportunity to capture or neutralize them with minimal casualties, preventing them from performing further attacks, take the opportunity. You should not have to justify your actions to anyone but yourself and God, or Yahweh in your case (who I believe are the same just different name) A politician who has never served in the armed forces should have no authority over said armed forces. As he does not understand a few things. Such as Intelligence, Logistics and the most important Honor. I've had conversations with people who have never served in the military who cannot understand why a soldier will risk his life for anyone for any reason. I've tried explaining it to them, but it's like talking to air. The concept of Honor and Duty are foreign to them. And yet when they are threatened who is the first person they call? The police or the military. It boggles the mind at times.


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