23 December 2009

IDF Shooters

IDF Marksman training is a 1-2 week course that teaches the basics of range-determination, fast-fire cover, and shooting (day and night, prone and kneeling for the most part).

IDF Sniping is a 3-4 week course. The weapon used is the M24 with a Leupold Mark 4 10x40mm LR/T M3 scope. This course tries to apply some understanding of the greater role of a sniper (camouflage, tactics, independent/small unit action). It includes recon basics, long range fire support, range-determination, target mapping, target determination, and an understanding of the sniping system (including tripods, bipods, no-pod, prone, sitting, kneeling, day and night shooting).

Battle Prepped IDF M24 Sniper Rifles

Sniper Badge
Worn by IDF Certified Snipers
The CT/HRT course uses the Mauser SR 86 rifle. These snipers have already taken the basic course. The course deals with house to house sniping, hostage rescue, and sniping in crowded (civilian) areas.

IDF 50 Caliber long range Barrett Sniper training is another story entirely. The basic use of the Barrett M82A1 is against light armor vehicles, jeeps, etc. . .

It has also become commonplace to use is against terrorists taking cover. The training for this weapon is not unlike the sniper training, but it requires more attention to distance, as the effective fire can be up to 2 kilometers. In one IDF live fire event we took down a Bell 212 chopper.

M82A1 rifle, early version

M82A1 rifle, current version

In 2001, the IDF introduced the SR 25 rifle. It is supposed to take over the long range fire support that was once the role of the M24. The semi-automatic nature of the rifle makes this weapon better as a fast-fire support weapons for the mid-range, but less accurate than the M24. The 7.62 bullet makes for greater stopping power than the M4, M16 and Tavor at the 300-600 range.

Traditionally, the role of the IDF Sniper has been one of fire support embedded within the infantry companies.

Lately, with the creation of sniper platoons, the IDF snipers function as independent units that can be divided into 3 man teams that operate as an additional unit within the infantry company.

In addition, the IDF uses the M89 SR. It was mainly used by as a mid-range system (similar to the SR 25). It is used by IDF Special Forces for tight urban warfare as a "dirty" sniper weapons (it is easy to conceal).
T.C.I. M89-SR

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Jewish Marksman said...

Great post. To what extent, if any, does the IDF or Israeli government encourage civilian rifle marksmanship? Do Israeli boys and girls have any rifle experience before they enter the IDF? Does the IDF have any competitive rifle teams?

Ryan said...

Very interesting! I like that you folks have a skill badge for snipers. We do not and I think it takes something away from those specially trained highly qualified individuals.

We have snipers organic to companies and at the battalion level. The SR-25 is a pretty darn nifty rifle. Good for shooting pirates in the face on Easter.

DoubleTapper said...

Ryan - we have a badge (we call them pins) for every skill. I'll eventually get around to post them all.

musing pastiche said...

can we take this course even if we're not israelis?


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