20 December 2009

Protector USV

Reports of Israeli unmanned surface vessel on patrol in the Persian Gulf, are all over the internet.

Developed by Israel’s Rafael Armament Development Authority in response to emerging terrorist threats against maritime assets, the Protector USV (aka Death Shark) is stealthy, highly autonomous and can operate with general guidance from a commander in port, riverine, harbor and coastal waterways in a variety of roles, thanks to the plug-and-play design of its various mission modules, such as force protection, anti-terror, surveillance and reconnaissance, mine warfare and electronic warfare. The options include a highly accurate, stabilized mini-Typhoon weapon system with an excellent hit-and-kill probability, plus cameras, search radar and a Toplite electro-optical (EO) pod for detection, identification and targeting operations.

The Protector USV is a mature and operationally proven system currently operational in several naval forces worldwide including Israel's IDF, Singapore, and is being reviewed by the USA, India and South Korea.

Full specs here and here

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