03 December 2009

IDF Uniforms

IDF Uniforms have changed over the years.

The basic uniform seen in this first picture (IDF Servicemen 1, 2, and 3) is the basic dress uniform worn by IDF Land Forces today.

The IDF Women's headgear has been replaced by the same beret worn by men.

The suspender rig, Foreign Legion Cap, Officer's Billed Service Cap, Mens' Tunic and Shirt, and IDF Women's Khaki colored Uniform have all been retired.
Servicemen in the IDF Land Forces now wear a simple dress uniform consisting of a Long Sleeve 2 pocket Shirt, 3 pocket button fly Trousers, and Paratroop Style Black or Brown Boots.

Berets are now worn on the left shoulder under the epaulett daily and on the head only for ceremonial purposes. There are many Beret colors issued to IDF Servicemen and Women. Paratroops are isued a maroon beret, Golani brown, Givati purple, Kfir Camouflage, Combat Engineers gray, IDF Naval and Air force personnel also have berets. Light blue for the IDF Air Corps and Black for the IDF Naval Forces.

The service uniform for all IDF Land Forces personnel is olive green; naval and air force uniforms are beige.

IDF Women's dress parallels the men's but may substitute a skirt for the trousers, and a blouse (tunic) for the shirt.

Some corps or units have small variations in their uniforms - for instance, military policemen wear a white belt and police hat, Naval personnel have dress whites for parades, Paratroopers are issued a four pocket Tunic (shirt) meant to be worn untucked with a pistol belt cinched tight around the waist over the shirt .

Similarly, while most IDF soldiers are issued black leather boots, some units issue brown leather boots for historical reasons- the paratroopers, Nahal and Kfir brigades, as well as some SF units. Women are also issued sandals.

I'll try and post how the different insignia and patches are worn later.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions.

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Moti said...

Used to be the NaHaL wore black boots until/unless they continued on to Gdud 50/Battalion 50 Airborne. Only then was the switch made to the reddish brown boots. The change of beret from green or black to red would also be made then. At that time Gdud 50 was a NaHaL battalion, but under the command structure of the Paratroop Regiment - Tzanhanim.

Anonymous said...

When NACHAL was reformed in 82 it began with the 50th, which at the time was a Para battalion. Although things have loosened up it is still only the 50th wearing the red boots, because the 50th still jump qualifies (the 900 Bns do not). All NACHlawi battalions, including the 50th wear the fluorescent green beret and all battalions are sublimated directly to NACHAL Bde.

Rachamim Ben Ami


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