01 July 2010

New Israeli Tank Defense Technolgy

In the past, tanks and APC's have relied on increasingly thick layers of armor or "reactive" technology that weakens an incoming rocket upon impact by setting off a small explosion.

Israeli weapons manufacturers have come up with active systems that prevent incoming projectiles from making contact with tanks.

The ASPRO-A (Trophy) Active Protection System rapidly detects and tracks any anti-tank threat, classifies it, estimates the optimal intercept point in space and finally neutralizes it away from the platform using a countermeasure. The threat detection and warning subsystem consists of several sensors, including search radar with four flat-panel antennas, located around the protected vehicle, to provide full hemispherical coverage. The neutralization process will take place only if the threat is about to hit the platform.

The Trophy combines two main systems: a radar built by Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. (IAI) subsidiary Elta Systems group, detects threats; and a Rafael designed system destroys incoming threats in flight. The Trophy can protect armored fighting vehicles against all types of anti-tank rockets and missiles. The two conceptual innovations incorporated into the Trophy are 360-degree protection of the tank or APC, which eliminates the need for adding armor plating, which can double a tank's weight, restricting its mobility and maneuverability; and to provide protection from new threats from the side and top in low-intensity combat, compared with frontal threats of the past. In low-intensity combat in populated and urban areas, threats to armored fighting vehicles can come from every direction and angle.

Trophy does not work against IED's (improvised explosive devices, otherwise known as roadside bombs) or land mines, but is rather designed to eliminate the explosive capability of threats flying at a vehicle. It can also be outfitted for helicopters.

Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS), developed by Israel Military Industries, provides a combined Soft-and Hard-Kill Active protection System, adaptable to various platforms from light vehicles to heavy AFVs.

Iron Fist APS employs a sophisticated, multi-sensor early warning system, utilizing both infrared and radar sensors, providing the crew with enhanced situational awareness and early warning from potential threats. Upon a threat warning, the modular system employs the multi-layered defenses, comprising electro-optical jammers, smoke screens and, if necessary, an interceptor-based hard kill Active Protection System (APS). The Iron Fist effectively protects against the full spectrum of Anti-Tank (AT) threats including AT Rockets fired at short range, in open area or urban environment, AT Guided Missiles, High Explosive AT and Kinetic Energy rounds.

IMI's Iron Fist APS has been installed in light and heavy armored vehicles. In these installations, Iron Fist proved highly effective against all threat types, operating on the move and in urban scenarios.

Iron Fist APS with its wide angle protection, minimal weight penalty and modest integration requirements, was selected by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as the Active Protection System designed to protect the IDFs new Namer heavy infantry fighting vehicle.

The Spurred Arrow, manufactured by IMI, is an advanced system that identifies and neutralizes threats to APC and tanks was recently chosen to become the active defense mechanism of the armored personnel carrier used by the IDF.

The Spurred Arrow is able to protect APCs, tanks and additional modern combat platforms against every kind of anti-tank threat launched at them, such as RPG rockets, anti-tank missiles and tank shells.

The Spurred Arrow consists of three central components: a set of detectors including an advanced radar detector and electro-optic detectors that identify the munitions fired at the vehicle which the Spurred Arrow is installed in; a computer that processes the data collected by the detectors, recognizes the threat and decides on the best way to neutralize it; and a launcher that is equipped with interceptors and an electro-optic isolator.

The isolator enables the Spurred Arrow to make anti-tank missiles change their path and go off target. When there are threats that the isolator cannot neutralize, an interceptor explodes in close proximity to them and thus destroys them. This entire process takes place within a fraction of a second and is carried out automatically.

The Spurred Arrow will actually provide the Namer with additional operational abilities that it did not previously have. The system allows for the identification of the source of enemy fire, and thus for an immediate and accurate response.

Avinoam Tzapir, vice president of IMI Marketing says, “The numerous advantages of the system, such as its relatively low weight and its dimensions and modular structure allow for its adaptation to many different vehicles and APCS.” Tzapir also says that “Foreign militaries show great interest in purchasing the system that was developed for the IDF, since it is a precise system that makes it possible to organize joint combat operations of Infantry Corps and Armored Corps forces.”

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Shafeek Ariel said...

The Israelis doing again , Show the world who is the best the IDF

Kzintius said...

When I first saw this system several months ago I was awed. The system should put to bed the notion that a missile shield is impossible. I'm talking on a large scale but the test of that system speaks for itself anyway.


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