25 July 2010

IDF Commandos

IDF Training and service is difficult and rewarding. IDF Commandos receive the highest level of instruction available and are called on to complete difficult missions.

Elite Israel Defense Forces special forces units, called Syeret in Hebrew (reconnaissance unit) are usually a company or a battalion in strength.

IDF Reconnaissance battalions are typically made up of three specialized companies:
1. Demolitions
2. Reconnaissance
3. Anti-Tank / Heavy Weapons

IDF Commando units specialize in sea-to-land incursions, counter-terrorism, sabotage, maritime intelligence gathering and maritime hostage rescue. Only a handful missions have ever been publicized or otherwise missions publicly attributed to the units. The IDF Commando units are respected as among the best of the world’s special forces units.

IDF Commandos deploy undetected into combat and hostile environments to conduct special reconnaissance, establish assault zones or airfields, while simultaneously conducting air traffic control and commando actions, Commando and Counter-Terrorism missions, etc. They also excel in Accurate demolitions and planting of pinpoint explosives, Defusing bombs, landmines and unexploded ordnance (Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)), Maritime sabotage and obstacles breaching, Searching and destroying smuggling tunnels, Developing advanced methods and tools for demolitions and EOD.

How to get in: A few time each year the IDF holds a notoriously grueling selection camp (Gibbush) for potential recruits lasting several sleepless days. The recruits are constantly monitored by doctors and psychologists. Only those who make it through the end with passing evaluation marks are admitted to the units.

Once admitted to an IDF Commando unit, recruits train for many months with heavy emphasis on small arms, martial arts(Krav Maga), navigation, camouflage, reconnaissance and other skills important for survival behind enemy lines. The training regime consists of the following:

* Four months of basic infantry training, held in the various basic training bases
* Two months advanced infantry training, within the unit.
* Three weeks parachuting course in the IDF Parachuting School.
* Five weeks counter-terror (CT) course in the IDF Counter-Terror Warfare School, followed by more inner-unit CT training.
* The rest of the training is dedicated to long-range reconnaissance patrol training, and especially to navigation/orienteering, which is of vast importance in the specific commando unit.

Although each IDF Commando unit has its own insignia, IDF Servicemen are not allowed to wear it in public due to the unit's classified nature.

Some of the IDF Commando units that became public over the years include (other units which have not gone public also exist):

* Sayeret Matkal is a special operations unit under the IDF Intelligence Command. It is a designated deep reconnaissance unit but it also has counter-terrorist responsibilities. The unit is modelled on the British Special Air Service (SAS). It is perhaps most known internationally for Operation Entebbe (in which they rescued more than 100 Air France airline passengers hijacked to Uganda by PLO ) and similar operations like Operation Isotope. It is considered the most elite unit in the IDF
* Sayeret Golani is an elite special operations unit. It consists of three highly trained Special Forces companies. This unit has been so successful because of the soldiers aggressiveness, expertise, and training.
* Maglan is a commando unit which specialized in operating behind enemy lines. The unit is relatively new, and little is known about it. Maglan is best known for its part in the Second Lebanon War.
* Shaldag is the Israeli Air Force Commando unit. They perform special missions by using advanced combat technologies. It is best known for its actions in Operation Litani, Operation Accountability, Operation Sharp and Smooth, and the speculation about its role in Operation Orchard.
* Sayeret Yael is a special elite combat engineering and commando unit of the Combat Engineering Corps. It is specialized in accurate demolitions and planting pinpoint explosives along with other high-scale combat engineering operations in and outside the Israeli borders. Sayeret Yael is part of Yahalom - elite combat engineering unit for special missions, which beside engineering commando also deals with EOD, bomb disposal, robotics, counter-tunnels warfare, development of combat engineering equipment and other classified tasks.
* Shayetet 13 ("Flotilla 13") is the elite Israeli amphibious naval special forces commando unit (SEALs). It is known for its Tyre raid, Operation Spring of Youth and Operation Bulmus 6.
* Duvdevan Unit - The Duvdevan Unit is one of the most renowned special forces units in Israel for its undercover operations.
* Sayeret Tzanhanim is an elite unit contained within the Paratroop Brigade. The unit participated in the Entebbe operation in conjunction with Sayeret Matkal and Sayeret Golani
* Sayeret Egoz - IDF Northern Command Counter-Guerilla Unit
* Unit Oketz - IDF K-9 unit (Along with Unit Yaban has Women operators within its ranks)
* Unit Moran & Unit Meitar - IDF Artillery Corps Special Forces Anti-Armour Units
* Unit Yachmam - IDF Target Observation and Deep Reconnaissance
* Unit Yanmam - Airborne-capable Anti-Aircraft unit
* Sayeret Haruv - IDF Central Command Special Forces unit
* Sayeret Shaked - IDF Southern Command Special Forces unit
* Sayeret Rimon - Counter-Terrorism unit that was forerunner to others like Shimshon and Duvdevan.
* Samson's Foxes - Gaza Strip: Counter-Terrorism unit
* Unit Yaban - IDF/Navy Force Protection unit (Along with Unit Oketz has Women operators within its ranks)
* Unit Yaltam - IDF/Navy Salvage and Recovery unit
* Unit 669 - IDF/AF Aeromedical Rescue Unit.
* Palsar 7 & Palsar 188 & Palsar 401 - The 7th, 188th and 401st Armored Brigades Reconnaissance units
* Unit 707 - Former IDF/Navy Defensive Divers unit.
* Unit 5707 - IDF/AF Target Observation and Surveillance unit.
* Unit 869 - Specialist Visual Intelligence, Observation and Surveillance unit
* Unit Alpinistim - IDF Alpine unit that patrols the Golan Heights and provides protection for IDF Electronic Listening Posts located at Mount Hermon and Har Avital. This unit also provides alpine rescue services.

Each of the four Infantry Brigades (Golani, Givati, Nahal and Paratroopers) has its own Reconnaissance battalions (as mentioned above) contained within it. Each unit belong to a specific regional command where it mainly operates.

* Nahal Reconnaissance battalion - belong to central command - mainly operates in Judea and Samaria
* Paratroopers Reconnaissance battalion - belong to central command - mainly operatesJudea and Samaria
* Golani Reconnaissance battalion - belong to northern command - mainly operates on the Syrian and Lebanese borders.
* Givati Reconnaissance battalion - belong to southern command - mainly operates on the Egyptian and Jordanian borders and cover the Gaza strip

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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