19 July 2010

New laptop

I'm considering buying a new laptop to replace my old one.

I'm open for suggestions from you.

If you have experience with Apple Laptops please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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LL said...

You simply can't go wrong with Apple products. The MacBook Pro is an excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

I just got a windows laptop (Samsung) and it's on it's way back to get fixed (speaker problems). I HATE IT, I hate windows. I wish I had bought an Apple. Apple products just work. BUT... Apple laptops cost over twice what a comparable Windows machine would cost. But if I add up the hours of frustration the Windows machine has wrought, it may have been worth it to go for the Apple.

(I have an iMac, so I know how Apple computers just work).

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend a MacBook, if you can afford it. I've worked on everything, since the first Mac and PCs came out. Macs tend to last longer, and the higher cost is offset by not needing anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware software and constant care. I hear that Windows 7 is much better, but I can't speak to that. My work is stuck in the XP era for security reasons.
That said, I've had a rare need for Windows on my Macs, and I create a virtual machine for those instances. College software, Internet Explorer on Windows-only sites.
If you stay with Windows, I'd recommend a Dell business-grade system. See my post on Theo's site.
Also, being where you are (Israel), there can be support issues with Apple systems. That was the info from my Uncle that lives there, though the info is several years old
Be safe out there.

PetrolClock said...

my almost 10 year old dell desk top does fine ................ puhahahahahahahha

Anonymous said...

I've had three Apple laptops and I like them a great deal. Granted, I don't play games and use them strictly for graphics, word processing and accounting programs (Quicken). I have had three equipment failures in 10 years - one was the old wire cables between the monitor and processor began going bad and I lost display pixels (common back then, since solved), one hard drive failure and one DVD drive failure. No software problems, no viruses. They seem sturdy, # two survived a lightning strike and I've not had any battery problems.

Jack said...

You can't go wrong with a MacBook Pro. Best way to explain it: It just works. No issues. The battery lasts forever, the screen looks great and the mouse-touchpad is incredible too. Everything is so much better, but it's the operating system, OS X, that what really makes it worthwhile.
Yeah, it's a little more than a windows machine, but it will last FAR longer (which will be until you decide to replace it to upgrade, not because it took a dump).
My only regret with my Mac is that I didn't get it sooner, suffering through every version of Windows for the last 20 years before switching over.
BTW, great blog, I enjoy the hell out of it!

checkers said...

have had a little 400 dollar acer for 2 years now, no problems with it except maybe battery life, I take it to caribou coffee or starbucks and plug it in and it does fine. too bad it had vista but that is another issue.

Ostrogoth said...

What an apple spam over here...:) Just try SONY VAIO, use GOOGLE CHROME and You will be glad...mac products are simply only snobbery...Greetings from Silesia...

Bill said...

I love my MacBook Pro and my wife loves hers. Why?

1. Ease of Use. The Mac OS is superb software and very robust. A complete OS crash is very rare and MacOS plays very nicely with applications.

2. Robust Hardware. The MacBooks are not only light and thin, they are very durable. They even sense when they're falling and lock up to prevent drive damage. Mac batteries today provide up to 10 hours service.

3. Connectivity. Wireless connection is all 11n standard, i.e., very fast and reliable. The Mac (any) dovetails with the iPad, iPhone, all iPods and MobileMe.

4. Applecare. Buy into this award-winning service. It's simply the best out there and endures for 3 years.

That's enough to convince the rational among us to buy a Mac. Check out Apple's section on refurbished equipment. You could save a lot by buying a 'refurb' as I did. (Many so-called refurbs are just open-box returns, never used.)

Capt Bill


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