13 February 2011

Middle East Protests Spreading

The Protests are spreading throughout the Middle East. Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia... Who's next? here and here

In Bahrain they are handing out cash worth over $2,500 to every family to keep them calm

Don't Forget the Muslim Brotherhood -

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken a greater role in organizing the protest against the Egyptian regime as it unfolds its independent political agenda. Rashad al-Bayumi, the Brotherhood`s second-in-command, announced in an interview with Japanese TV that the group would join a transitional government in order to cancel the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, as it "offends the Arabs` dignity and destroys the interests of Egypt and other Arab states."

He further stressed that Egypt does not need American aid.

The Muslim Brotherhood does indeed participate in political activity and defend the democratic process.  That is not, however, because it has accepted the principles of Western democracy, but rather because the democratic process can be exploited to establish an Islamic regime which will then render democracy unnecessary.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Muhammad Mahdi `Akef told the Egyptian daily Al-Karama in 2007 that only Islam was the expression of true democracy.

"Islam and its values antedated the West by founding true democracy, exemplified by the Shura [the advisory council under the Caliphs]."

The Brotherhood`s official website notes that jihad is Islam`s most important tool in effecting a gradual takeover, beginning with the Muslim countries, moving on to reestablishing the Caliphate over three continents in preparation for a conquest of the West, and finally instituting a global Islamic state.
Founded in 1928 by the Egyptian schoolteacher/activist Hasan al-Banna (who was a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis), the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)  is one of the oldest, largest and most influential Islamic extremist organizations in the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood has produced 12 terrorist armies including al-Qaeda and Hamas.  The Muslim Brotherhood also created the largest Islamic charity in America, the Holy Land Foundation, which was put on trial in Texas for funding Hamas.  According to documents seized in a concealed basement at their headquarters, the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for America is to “destroy the American civilization.”   The document details a plan to conquer and Islamitize the United States – not as an ultimate objective, but merely as a stepping stone toward the larger goal of one day creating “the global Islamic state.”

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