15 February 2011

Iran Accuses Mossad of Drug Smuggling


So this is the latest   Iran's Interior Minister says that the Mossad is forcing drug dealers to lower their prices (by threatening them), apparently in order to get the entire country addicted. And, of course, the drug dealers are listening to their Mossad masters.

Then, when every Iranian is busy being deeply fascinated with a single blade of grass, Israeli warplanes can swoop in and take over the country!

This is a bit much even for Iran!  But I guess the old adage is true.  Just because you're a paranoid Iranian Islamic Fundamentalist, doesn't mean that the Mossad of Israel isn't out to get you!

My Arabic isn't perfect, but here's my translation of the PA News article: 

Iran's Interior Minister accused "Mossad" of his country's drug smuggling

Iran's interior minister Saturday accused the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, of forcing drug smugglers to sell at a discounted price in the Islamic Republic.

Quoted by state television Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said "smuggling heroin and hashish in our country is included on the agenda of the spy agency in the Zionist regime." He added that the information obtained by Iran indicates that the Mossad was "drug smugglers sell at one fifth the price" in Iran, adding that those who refused faced threats.

Iran has a long term problem of the smuggling of drugs from its eastern neighbor Afghanistan, which is a source of ninety percent of global production of opium.

Drug trafficking, is a crime punishable by death in Iran.  67 people in Iran have been executed this year eighty percent of them after being convicted of smuggling drugs.  

The original article in Arabic here

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