17 February 2011

U.S. to join UN Security Council statement rebuking Israel over settlements

BEFORE AND AFTER: In this composite image, a view of the Israeli Settlement Neveh Dekalim in the southern Gaza Strip is seen in a June 19 photo (top) and again after the Israel razed of all its homes, leaving only the synagogue (top left corner) in what has now seen as a foolish attempt at appeasing the world.  The ill conceived destruction of the homes and businesses and deportation of over 10,000 Israelis resulted in the empowering of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

My friends, straddling the fence usually results in bruised tenders.

AllahPundit at HotAir brings us a nice analysis of the latest stab in the back from the schizophrenic Muslim leader across the pond:
This’ll be spun as something they planned to do all along, but there’s no way Obama’s going to risk upsetting fragile relations with Egypt right now knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti-American factions are looking for a pretext to tilt the country (further) against us at a decisive moment. So here’s his version of a compromise, siding with the Arab bloc against the settlements so long as we don’t actually have to do anything about it, like cast a vote. The punchline: Our offer hasn’t been agreed to yet, so we may still find ourselves in a worst-of-both-worlds scenario where Israelis are alienated by our willingness to support the statement while Egyptians and Arabs are alienated by our eventual veto of the resolution. Wonderful.
Mind you, this comes on a day when (a) Egypt’s youth movement is calling for a halt to gas shipments to Israel, (b) Jordan’s(!) justice minister is describing Israel as “an enemy and a terrorist state,” and (c) Iran is sending warships through the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean to flaunt its new post-Mubarak leverage in the region. (Israel’s foreign minister calls it “something that has not happened in many years.”) In fact, Jay Carney was specifically asked about the Iranian ships at today’s presser and, true to White House form, he punted. This is the new reality in the region — win/win provocations where the U.S. is forced to pander to popular Arab sentiment at a moment of retrenchment and democratization or stick with Israel and risk the consequences of shattered alliances. What could go wrong?
Anthony Weiner has already issued a statement slamming Obama for having “opened the door to more and more anti-Israeli efforts coming to the floor of the U.N.”

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just ask when you need more to man guns and you will have many non-Jewish volunteers from the US.

I cannot adequately express my chagrin at current US policy.

The majority in the US (as you know) fully support Israel.

I ask your collective foregivnes at this time for those who do not enthusiastically support Israel against those they face. It is absolute stupidity at best (see George Soros who astoundingly is Jewish).


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