21 February 2011

IDF Commandos in Action

I've had a lot of questions about this video from readers.

The tactics used are fairly accurate with a few exceptions.

The main issue I have with the way they portray the IDF Commandos is that IDF Commando's are taught to think outside the box and fight dynamically.

In the video the IDF are show shooting from a fixed position.

The one time the IDF operator moves (while pistol shooting) is when he really impresses the show's host.

Had the IDF Commando's been portrayed more accurately, they would have been shown in constant motion. Especially in the simulated firefight at the end of the episode.

The IDF Commando's tactics were meant to show a sampling of the many different IDF Special Forces units, not the IDF's Naval Commandos (IDF Flotilla 13 - Shayetet 13).

The tactical gear used by the IDF Commando's in the video is authentic.

The combat vest used is standard IDF Issue

The Rifles used in the video are the IWI Micro Galil,
which has recently been replaced in the IDF with the Micro Tavor.

Knives in the IDF vary depending on the unit

The uniforms were standard IDF Issue

US Navy Seals and IDF Commandos actually train together. Many US Military units spend time in Israel at IDF Bases learning the IDF's proven tactics.

If you have any specific questions, ask me in the comments and I'll respond.

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