29 May 2011

Balls of Steel

I'm sure you've heard of Netanyahu's truly historic speech to Congress last week. Now watch the whole thing. Here at Doubletapper, we have never insisted you do anything. I am now humbly insisting you watch the entire 47 minute speech. The transcript and news bites do not do this legendary man and his epic speech justice. Watch it here, and I dare you to disagree that this man truly has a pair of brass ones... nay, they're steel.

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تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس


CJS3 said...

I loved that look on Obama's face after Netanyahu set him straight on Middle East history. He looked liked he'd been slapped, and told to shut up and like it.

Hey, if the people of Texas tell the US to "eat it, we're independent now", will Israel support us the way Obama promised support to the Arab Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya?

KurtP said...


I wish we had someone like Bibi as our president.
I miss the days when our president actually liked America....


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